Making Change Happen

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 New Space for Children & Young People

The Bostey Hall was built in the 1940's and has been used as a youth centre since 1969. However the building is reaching the end of its useful life and  needs a lot of work and is not cost effective to run.  This is a pivotal time for the Bostey as another local charity has secured planning permission and is securing resources to build a new youth space for our young people and therefore this is now an opportunity, working with our young people, their families and the wider community, to secure the future of the Bostey for generations to come. Over the last 18 months our Trustees, working with the staff and hearing from our young people and families, have been reviewing the future of the Bostey. 

Space to Be Me!

Social Space

With a paved courtyard, hard landscaping, flexible seating and an all weather canopy, many more of our activities will be happening outside in the future. 

Bostey, Walker, Church street, St Anthony's, New youth centre, young people, 8-16 years
 3D images of the planned new Bostey
Bostey, Walker, 8-16 years, new building, St Anthony's, Church Street, East End of Newcastle

We are confident we will be able to continue delivering services for children and young people and their families for the next 60 years in this exciting new children and young peoples' space.  Supported by partners who share our ambition to create opportunities for children and young people to allow them to grow into individuals who are confident, happy and contribute to their community is a positive way.    

If you would like to sponsor an element of this development, please contact us, or have a look at the Support Us page on the top bar.

Growing Space

Mini allotments, raised beds, fruit trees, a shed and a greenhouse will help our kids learn about growing and harvesting their own food.

Cooking Space

A home built pizza oven, a fire-pit with swivel griddles, workbenches and wash up area mean we can cook - and eat! - outdoors.

Wild Space

A wildflower meadow, butterfly and insect houses and secret spaces for quiet chats, an area will always be available for quiet time and counselling.

Bostey, Walker, 8-16 years, new building, St Anthony's, Church Street, East End of Newcastle
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We hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit about our work, here in the heart of the East End of Newcastle. If you would like to know more, contact us by email or phone, we'd love to hear from you!