Follow Your Dream
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Follow Your Dream started in response to young people telling us that they were really uncertain about what career options were available to them when they left school. Some young people felt that their was lots of job opportunities out there but they were sure how to find them.  Staff took this on board and together with the young people developed a project that would offer an insight into different careers but also be good fun.  Originally called, 'I Can Do That!', it was funded by the Linden Family Fund, through Newcastle Community Foundation. 40 children aged between 9 and 15 met 10 professionals, including a nurse, a mortuary worker, housing officer, the Police, a footballer, a bar worker, a community worker as well as a podiatrist.  All the workers wanted to offer their time and share their stories as they had felt they same when they were growing up.  The young people involved were really excited about some of the people they met and expressed loads more ambition as a result. 

Roller Disco
Bostey, young people, Walker, East End, roller disco, after school activitites, 8-13 years, fun, exciting

In September 2016 a local business donated over 50 pairs of second hand roller skates, to us providing staff with the opportunity to run a weekly roller disco event for the whole community. The staff and community were thrilled as roller disco's were something that the Bostey was well known for from earlier years.  Disco's run once a week and are well attended with not just children and young people joining in, adults are too!  Its a great atmosphere  to skate, socialise and meet your mates.  In August 2017 we were successful in gaining funding from the Youth Social Action Fund, to help us develop our Skate Marshall's Programme, which will result in 10 young people being trained to manage the Disco themselves (keeping kids safe, setting up sound and lights, skate hire) and delivering it in another setting, as well as receiving training in basis First Aid.

Getting Arty
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Previous work tells us that young people love making things and take great pride in self achievement when they have produced something they can take home or can been displayed in the Bostey.  Therefore there is always the opportunity to make or do. Sometimes this is for something special, like making lanterns for Halloween and sometimes it's simply creative, letting the kids learn physical skills as well as different techniques and approaches. Over the last two years we have made garden mosaics, which now have pride of place on the little roundabout in SAYES entrance-way; we have made pictures out of pasta, sand, buttons and fabric; we have planted fruit and vegetables; cooked pizza and whizzed smoothies; learned songs and dances. We are currently using this approach on our 'Playing with Purpose' project, funded by the Riddell Family Fund, which explores positive qualities like kindness, empathy and generosity through arts, crafts, music and drama. In Autumn 2017 we will use lots of these approaches when we start our Time Travellers project, funded by the Frederick Milburn Charitable Foundation, which explores the lives of children in Walker long ago.

5 Ways to Well-Being
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This project was about captioning the imagination of  the children and young people involved, funded by Port of Tyne, the 5 Ways are an approach to building emotional resilience and better mental health for the future.  

Connect - How do I connect with other kids? Other people in the community? How can I make connections?

Learn - What do I know now that I didn't before? I've learned to skate! To make a smoothie!

Notice - What changes can I see in the streets where I live? Flowers growing through the pavement cracks, swallows in the sky.

Move - Let's go out for a walk, have a dance, go swimming - moving feels good!

Give - What can I give to others? I can help one of the little kids join in; and I can plant flowers on the verge to make things look nicer for everyone living here.

With photographs, computers and outdoor activities, children and young people involved made a high quality book of what they had done, which is now being used by other children to find more examples of the 5 Ways; young people are still coming in and telling us what they noticed today that was new; who they've connected with; what they've learned; the physical activity they've done; and how they are giving something back to others.